Exton Park Vineyard

The Winery

Winery 1

The winery was built in the summer of 2011. It is situated 20 meters from the vineyard.  As soon as the grapes are picked they are at the winery ready for pressing. We decided to use a Bucher inert press. This press allows us to do a press cycle with almost no oxygen contact with the grapes. As a result the grape juice has no chance to oxidise in the press, this helps preserve the juice’s natural colour. The press cycle is extremely gentle. Only extracting the juice from the ripest grapes, and not bruising the stalks.

We have used brand new stainless steel Italian tanks. Each one is independently temperature controlled. Giving us complete control over the fermentations.

Exton Park Wines do not buy any grapes in from other vineyards. All the wine that is made at Exton Park is solely grown on Exton Park’s vineyard. By keeping our selves self contained we can make sure that the best quality fruit is brought to the winery. Good wine is only made out of good grapes.

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